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Welcome in Bolesławiec- a town famous for ceramics

Bolesławiec is a historic town ,which has a rich past history.The name “ Bolesławiec” was derived from Slavic name Bolesław, which meant fame. The name was given to  the town  in honour of  its founder  Bolesław I the Tall, who established the town circa 1190  granting it many privileges.
At present, Bolesławiec is renowned for the production of beautiful pottery. There are many production plants within the area of the town and in the neighbouring area offering various forms and decorations.
Since 1994,  several days’ fairs are organized by town authorizes, which are known as Pottery Festival. Bolesławiec pottery promotion takes place mostly in the last weeks of August  and enjoys a great deal of interest of people all over the country and the world.
There are many historical monuments in Bolesławiec, which are entered into the register of the National Heritage Board of Poland. There are, among other things, the following:
-       Old Town Square  with numerous historical tenement buildings surrounding it
-       Town Hall built in 1525, reconstructed in 1718, the present shape of the building was          created after many reconstructions in 1776. Currently, the  Town Hall is the seat of the municipal authorities. The most beautiful part is the Ceremony Suite. The building has one tower. In years 2012-2013, the Town Hall  underwent  major reconstruction, which brought it back to its former glory.
-       commons ( parks, promenades) created after 1867, changes made in the 20th century
-       the longest railway viaduct in Europe
-       historical fragments of defence walls from 14th century with one preserved tower, along which goes a stripe of commons and a walking trail
-          Parish Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Nicolaus from the second half of the 15th-16th century, The Shrine of Virgin Mary with baroque interior design.